English teaching

Are you looking for a tailor-made English course?
Look no further.

I can offer you:
My time, know-how and energy within

  • – tailor-made one-to-one or twin courses focused on general, legal, business or technical English, preparation for school-leaving exams and more
  • – courses running in companies.

Classes are based on your requests and objectives taking into account your starting level, your time willing invested into studying. In my courses I place emphasis on the function of the language. I use memory techniques to master your vocabulary and instructions how to learn the language effectively.
But bear in mind that „NO PAIN, NO GAIN“ and „ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY“.

As agreed with you.
In companies according to their locations.
In your place: I can come within the location of Prague-West (It depends on my schedule).
In my classroom: Dobříš, K Vodárně 1504, 263 01 Dobříš.

What sources do I use?
All available sources – your materials, textbooks, BBC websites, videos on youtube.com etc.

How much is the course?
500,- CZK for 45 minutes, + travel costs (if I travel to your place)
The first meeting, which is about 20-30 minutes and gratis, is informative where your English level is tested to tailor your classes according to your requests.

My qualification and work experience:
College of Economics in Prague, Charles University –Pedagogical faculty, course for legal English,
certified exam – General state exam (C1), Language school in Prague, Language school Dobříš, classes in companies.

I do not use corporal punishments in my classes. 🙂
Dogs are welcomed (not as students, just to accompany you)