Qigong healing

“‘Touch’ is a natural healing instinct.
Qigong Healing refines that instinct into an art.”

How did I get to QI GONG HEALING?

I´m a certified Qigong healer. My teacher has been Robert Peng who learned
from his Master Xiao Yao, a legendary monk with remarkable healing gifts.  
– (www.robertpeng.com).

What is qigong healing?

QIGONG is the art of energy cultivation.
Qirefers to our Life Force permeating our bodies, much like an electromagnetic field, and powers our vital functions.

Gong means work or practice.

Qi Gong Energy Healing is an ancient Chinese healing art that nourishes the body on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. The healing takes place in a relaxed meditative state, where a person can receive the power of the universal live force called Qi. It supports free flow of energy and realization of body potential to heal itself.
Physiological benefits include deep relaxation, better microcirculation, balancing blood pressure, it works well for stress relief, headaches and soothes the central nervous system.

How long is one full session and how often is it recommended?

A full Qigong Healing session is about 70 minutes. The frequency depends on your health condition and your feelings.

What to wear?

During a full Qigong Healing session you lay on a massage table. Treatments are done while you are fully clothed. Clothes made out of thin fabric is preferable.

How much is it:
1000,- CZK for the full session (70 minutes of treatment).


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